3 bottle Wine Gift Box featuring Drawers – Laser Personalized

Our latest style gift box; perfect for repurposing after the Holidays – with sliding drawers.  Can be placed vertical or horizontal.

Learn more to https://personalizedwineboxes.com

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Personalized Holiday Gifting Idea – Laser Engraved

Personalized Gift Ideas

Consider something unique this Holiday season by personalizing your VIP gift.
Made in USA by Scott, the #wineboxguy.  Creative one-of-a-kind gifts, customized
with your thoughts, greetings and messages.  Great for wine, champagne, or candy canes!

Click HERE for a complimentary design for your consideration.

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Ready for your Personalization Details

Envision your gift totally personalized with names, dates, nicknames, word clouds, company logos, photos on the side of these baltic birch boxes we make. These custom gift boxes are never re-gifted!  Your thoughtfulness and consideration will be received with “wow, nice gift”. The perfect corporate appreciation gift.

All the pieces of the gift box are laser cut out of baltic birch wood, then both surfaces are hand sanded, then glued and pinned together to make a unique personalized gift box for the occasion.

The most creative and one-of-a-kind presentation yet. Visit the official website HERE.

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